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The following projects are a selection of those projects funded by AID Coalition providing support to those displaced from their homes following the Oct 7 Massacre

Donate now to help us support other important projects around the country, helping people displaced and in emptional shock from the Oct 7 massacre. 

Amotat Gvanim Lepitoah Hahinoch Hakeila

Team building and support, engagement and activity for team providing emotional and psycho-social support, and therapeutic programming for residents of sderot displaced from the events on oct 7, 2023

Erez Growth & Development

Afternoon, youth activities, provided by volunteers during their year volunteer services, including open space creative art, games and group activities, providing the youth with a relaxing, decompressing, environment interacting with other displaced youth; and study tutorials as needed

Tel Hai College

Stem education classes, focused upon children of displaced families, designed to engage the youth through robotics, specifically equipment in the form of lego and robotics, enabling teachers and instructors to provide classes on location

Yeladim Hayim Beshalom

Food kitchen providing meals for (i) displaced families residing in hotels in Tel-Aviv; Nova party survivors in Chavat Ronit;


Group creative art, organized by the Jerusalem Municipality Youth Department, supervised by artists, including painting, photography and music, for extended meetings, which culminated in an exhibition displayed in the Tolerance Museum. Engaging the youth in creative activity and interacting with local youth.

Histadrut Hashomer Hatzair

Equipment for schools that are being created for children from displaced families

Hamama Ecologit

Equipment and personal activity kits necessary to support community wide regrowth emergency education programs, supporting specially designed and adapted education programs, that incorporate agriculture and science classes

Ben Gurion University

Field clinic providing local treatment and therapy sessions in Ofakim to individuals and families, including individuals who had not left their home for periods of over 30 days

Keren Le Haifa

Humanitarian support and cultural activities providing support activities and throughout Israel

Mitzpeh Rimon / Erez Growth & Development

Temporary employment of unemployed family members displaced from Kibbutz Erez to Mitzpeh Rimon, temporary employment in lower grade education; food and agriculture


Enhanced mental and emotional services for thousands of children in the Maslulim centers in disadvantaged communities in Israel’s periphery, directly associated with increased support required from the events surrounding the oct 7 massacre

Psycho-social treatment center, Dead Sea

Furniture required for dedicated psycho-social treatment centers in Dead Sea evacuation centers, providing support for evacuated individuals from Kibbutz Beeri, that will enable personalized meetings.

Hosen Ofakim, Ben Gurion University

Field clinic provided by the Ben Gurion University Psychology, providing local therapy treatment on sight at evacuation centers and at peoples residence, for those who have been too anxious to leave their homes since the Oct 7 events.

Agriculture, volunteer accommodation

Overnight accommodation for volunteers who are supporting farmers in the south with tomato harvesting and other agricultural support.

Temporary Employment, Kibbutz Erez

Temporary employment opportunities for people evacuated from Kibbutz Erez to Mitzpeh Rimon, in lower grade education; food and agriculture

Psycho-Social, Dead Sea Hotel Volunteers

Customized treatment centers for a team of psychologists, who have been volunteering in providing psycho-social support in Dead Sea hotel evacuation centers, supporting 850 evacuees from Kibbutz Beeri.

Olal Baby Food

Baby formula for babies, ages 0 – 1 ½ , for 200 families.

Hagal Sheli

Sea and water activity therapy sessions, for youth. Ten day sessions, that include physical sessions in the sea


Group art therapy to be provided by professional art therapists travelling around the country to displaced family centers, applying art and entertainment therapy sessions for children in a personal and group sessions.

Tel-Aviv, Nir Oz Relocation

Furnishing of 16 apartments donated for families displaced from Kibbutz Nir Oz, for an extended period of 6 – 12 months. Providing the families with all donated, rent free, fully furnished residents enabling them a semblance of normalcy.

Elem, Youth Treatment Center

Youth activity treatment center, designed to provide a safe gathering space for displaced community youth. A center where the youth get together to interact and talk, under supervision of professional staff


Kitchen appliances necessary for displaced families to manage basic cooking and other home activities while at temporary displaced family housing, with anticipated lengthy stays of 6 – 12 months.

Elem, Reim Party Staff Survivors

Psychological and PTSD support and treatment for staff members who survived the Reim party, who witnessed the slaughter of 3 collegues (Elem staff were at the party on task, providing first aid in case of drug overdose by partygoers).

Kibbutz Kissufim: Electronic Devices For Children

Electronic devices and gadgets for children displaced from Kibbutz Kissufim, including tablets; ear-phones; laptops

Tamar, Negev Beduin Population

Psycho-social and post-trauma support provided to the Bedu’in community in the south, including support teams for in-person as well as a 24x7 hot line. Teams are also travelling to the communities dispersed across Southern Israel.

Hosen Sderot: Emotional and Psycho Social Support

Emotional and psycho-social support and therapeutic programming, including 24/7 support hot-lines, group intervention and personal support for residents of Sderot who were not evacuated, provided on location at Sderot.

Israel Scouts Caravan: The Music Will Not Die

Israel Scouts Caravan Project all volunteer youth performances throughout Israel before communities of displaced families, performed at community centers housing these families. Funding supports the equipment, transportation and accommodation (performers are all volunteers).

Kibbutz Mishmar Ha’Emek

Kitchen appliances necessary for displaced families to manage basic cooking and other home activities while at temporary displaced family housing, with anticipated lengthy stays of 6 – 12 months.

Kupat Cholim Clalit Eilat: Support For Sderot & Ofakim Displaced

Therapeutic equipment to support PTSD treatment of 25,000 displaced people from Kibbutzim, Sderot and Ofakim temporarily relocated to Eilat

Emek Hefer: Child Safe Activity Center

Child specific activity treatment activity center, providing 20 approved activities per week, 10 children per activity. Implemented in Kibbutz Emek Heffer for displaced kibbutz children


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