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Jonathan Barsade

Jonathan Barsade is a serial entrepreneur, an attorney, and in recent years – a lay leader in major Jewish not-for-profit organizations. Walking the line between the world of business and law, Jonathan built expertise in understanding the needs of start-up technology organizations, transforming a budding concept into a viable, successful business. Today, Jonathan is President of the America Israel Friendship League (AIFL) and a Member of the U.S. and Israeli Boards of IsraAID. In these capacities, he introduces business processes, accountability, and org culture to help not-for-profits navigate the new world of charitable giving.

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Ora Peled Nakash

Ora is a user researcher in the software industry. Ora was the first female to graduate the Israeli Naval Officer Academy (Course Hovlim) in 2000, and the first woman to serve on an Israeli missile ship (Sa'ar 4.5) as a platoon commander. Ora is a Board member of the Naval Academy Alumni Organization (Migdalor), a member of Forum Dvorah -Women in Foreign Policy and National Security.  She is the mother of two, and a member of Kibbutz Ramat David.  She is a frequent speaker in, and leading member of, the Protest Movement in Israel.  

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Batell Blaish-Sultanik

Batell Vallentine Blaish-Sultanik graduated as one of the first female cadets from the Israeli Naval Academy, from which she went on to become the deputy commander of an IDF missile vessel and then the first female airborne naval officer.  Batell is a major in reserves. Combining her military achievements with her corporate legal background, Batell now holds the position of Chief Business Officer at an Israeli hi-tech company and is an elected committee chair of at the Israel Bar Association. With a diverse skill set that spans corporate law, tech, M&A, angel investments and naval operations, Batell, a mother of four children, is a highly motivated and results-driven professional.

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Tami Giniger

Tami Giniger, co-founder of the VC Academy, a pioneering platform nurturing the growth of venture capital funds, with a specific emphasis on promoting women investors.   Tami's background is in media communications and business development roles for prominent law firms, with over two decades of experience in social activism.  She fosters connections built on shared interests. She is a board member for various Israeli NGOs and a publicly traded company, holds a BA from NYU and a master's in Strategic Communications from Columbia University.

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Alicia Post

Alicia Post is a passionate Jewish community builder and a dedicated non-profit professional with over two decades of experience in serving Israel and the Jewish community. Her focus has been on enhancing Jewish life, fostering connections to Israel, and building Jewish identities, especially among young professionals and through social media. Alicia's extensive Israel advocacy work has involved recruiting and organizing student leaders on college campuses and hosting various events and educational programs. Her career spans "Jewish National Fund, and The American Zionist Movement"

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