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The North Is In Flames

The village of Kfar Giladi was evacuated on October 8th. 

25 dedicated citizens -- engineers, entrepreneurs, and farmers, stayed behind to protect their home. 

For 245 days, they have been safeguarding the northern border and their evacuated village. 

Situated just 90 meters from the Hezbollah village of Al-Adaisa, they face threats from missiles and drones, as well as the danger of fires due to the extensive forest surrounding the area. 

About a week ago, these citizens bravely prevented a fire that broke out in the Galilee, which consumed thousands of acres, from reaching their village. During the firefighting effort, their specialized off-road fire fighting vehicle, was destroyed in the fire. 

We are now trying to raise funds to purchase a replacement vehicle.

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 ​AID Coalition is a U.S. based, non-partisan, non-affiliated, 501(c)(3) approved organization (EIN 93-1616002), dedicated to educating, strengthening, and preserving the democratic foundations of the State of Israel.  Donations are exempt under IRS Code, Section U.S. 501 (c)(3).  After receiving the donations, tax confirmation letters will be sent to the email used when making the donation.

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