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“This is one of the most extreme cabinets I've seen, and I go back to Golda Meir“

President Biden, interview with CNN, July 9, 2023

America-Israel Democracy Coalition is a U.S.-based, non-partisan, non-affiliated, 501(c)(3) approved organization, dedicated to educating, strengthening, and preserving the democratic foundations of the State of Israel. The organization stands for the values of equality, pluralism, freedom, and justice, values enshrined in Israel’s Declaration of Independence.

The America—Israel Democracy Coalition (“AID Coalition”) was formed to leverage the unprecedented civic awakening and unite global advocates to secure and safeguard the democratic foundation of The State of Israel.

AID Coalition is a group of concerned U.S. and Israeli citizens that are connecting and collaborating between the different organizations in the U.S. and in Israel that share a common goal – an Israel with a secure, long-lasting, sustainable democratic foundation that ensures freedom and equal rights to all.

Who We Are

Proposed legislative reform that will undermine the democratic fiber of Israel; eliminating the separation of powers; granting unanswerable power to a single branch of government; and diluting the effectiveness of accountability. Unprecedented position statements, as the above quote by the President of the United States, reflect the true depth of the problem.

The Risk: Israel will cease to be a true democracy, concentrating unrestricted power within a small group of unaccountable politicians, crushing basic rights of the individual.

The Issue

What Is Happening

In recent weeks, weekly “National Protest Days” are taking place, intended to disrupt normal life activity, such as road blocks, train stoppages, airport disruptions and businesses shutting down

Nearly 200 different participating organizations, making this a true grass roots movement

Events are taking place in over 100 different locations throughout the country

To date, over 2 Million individuals (over 20% of the population) have joined at least one protest

For over 6 months, nearly half a million concerned citizens (over 5% of the population) are taking to the streets each week, engaging in non-violent protest demonstrations

AID Coalition was formed to help support the organizations in Israel and educate, promote, and enshrine the values of liberal democracy. We are an organization of Israelis and Americans, positioning to bridge concerned Americans who want to help and support the movement in Israel.


100% of any donation received will be transferred, subject to U.S. and Israeli laws, to Israeli organizations that support and promote our vision and are true to our principles. We support partner organizations that pursue an Israel as envisioned by its founders, a just and accountable government that protects the rights of the individual and works for an inclusive and open society.

What We Do

AID Coalition will not support:

  • Political agendas

  • Calls for violence

What We Will Not Do


This year we are celebrating Israel’s 75th year of Independence. Support us to help sustain at least another 75 years of a vibrant democracy.

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