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“This is one of the most extreme cabinets I've seen, and I go back to Golda Meir“

President Biden, interview with CNN, July 9, 2023

World Zionist Congress

AID Coalition and New Deal have partnered together to bring the voice of the Israeli Protest Movement to the Jewish and Israeli communities in the United States, to the American Zionist Movement and to the upcoming election to the World Zionist Congress.  It is our goal to bear an impact upon the activities and funding of the World Zionist Organization and through them, upon Israeli national institutions and their influence in Israel.

AID Coalition

(America-Israel Democracy)

 is a U.S.-based, non-partisan, non-affiliated, 501(c)(3) approved organization, strengthening, and preserving the democratic foundations of the State of Israel.

Security, without fear of attack and terror, are the foundation for a democratic society.  We are mobilizing to restore life without fear throughout the country to ensure a democratic Israel.

Immediate & Sustained Support Required

Victims are in dire need of immediate assistance and long-term rehabilitative support. Aid is crucial for their immediate wellbeing and ongoing recovery, and it is made possible only through the generosity of compassionate individuals around the world.

Your Contribution Can Make a Profound Impact

In the face of this unparalleled crisis, with an unprecedented number of victims, your support is more critical than ever.

Your generous donation today will directly impact the medical, psycho-social, and physical recovery of those affected by this horrific attack.

In Solidarity,
We Provide Hope

Join us in a unified act of solidarity to support and uplift those affected by this tragic event. Together, we can provide a beacon of hope and tangible aid during these dark times

How Can You Help

AID, The Pre-Oct 7 Protest Period

AID Coalition was formed to secure and safeguard the democratic foundation of The State of Israel.  During the summer and fall of 2023, the months leading up to Oct 7, 2023, AID Coalition formed a group of concerned U.S. and Israeli citizens that connected and collaborated between the different organizations in the U.S. and in Israel that share a common goal – strengthening and preserving the democratic foundations of the state of Israel.   AID Coalition supported the organizations in Israel to educate, promote, and enshrine the values of liberal democracy, bridging concerned Americans who helped and supported the movement in Israel.

Aid Funded Projects

On Oct 7th Israel and the world awoke to one of the most barbaric massacres committed in modern day history.  Unadulterated evil unleashed to slaughter, rape, burn, massacre and kidnap babies, infants, children, women and elderly merely for no reason other than they were Israelis and in Israel.  Israelis and the Jewish community world wide rose to the challenge, providing support to those in need, homes and food to the tens of thousands evacuated from the war zone; psycho-social support to those impacted by the events; cultural events to raise the spirits; clothing and much much more.  AID Coalition actively participated in these events, providing support, direct and indirect, to many organizations and projects.  Click here to see some of the activities AID Coalition supported

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