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AID (America-Israel Democracy) Coalition is a U.S.-based, non-partisan, non-affiliated, 501(c)(3) approved organization, strengthening, and preserving the democratic foundations of the State of Israel.

Security, without fear of attack and terror, are the foundation for a democratic society.  We are mobilizing to restore life without fear throughout the country to ensure a democratic Israel.

Who We Are

AID (America—Israel Democracy)  Coalition was formed to secure and safeguard the democratic foundation of The State of Israel.

AID Coalition is a group of concerned U.S. and Israeli citizens that are connecting and collaborating between the different organizations in the U.S. and in Israel that share a common goal – a society who is meeting and providing basic needs to those who were subject to the recent acts of terror and evil.

The Issue - Israel Under Attack

On October 7, 2023, as Israel commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War and celebrated Simchat Torah, a brutal and unprecedented attack was launched by HAMAS. Hundreds were killed, thousands injured, and numerous citizens—including infants and the elderly—were abducted into Gaza.


The terrorist factions targeted everyone, civilians, paramedics, firefighters, security personnel, women, babies, elderly and house pets, viciously shooting even at dogs. The toll of this aggression continues.

AID Coalition has dedicated its efforts towards supporting and assisting efforts in Israel that are aimed at helping address the basic needs of those impacted from the Oct 7 Massacre, providing them with basic services, such as psycho-social support; addressing physical needs required for a return to a semblance of normal living; clothing; entertainment aimed at mental and psychological relief; youth and elderly treatment and relief centers and many more. 

AID Coalition applies two platforms towards these goals:

  1. AID Coalition financial platform is used to raise donations that support the efforts of organizations that render support in Israel that further these goals; and

  2. ​AID Coalition provides direct funding of efforts and organizations that require funding to support their activities and services that further these goals.

What We Do

AID Coalition is providing funding, directly and indirectly, for the following :

  • Emek Hefer child safe activity center

  • Kupat Cholim support for Sderot and Ofakim dislplaced to Eilat

  • Mishmar Ha'Emek, kitchen appliances for displaced families

  • Israel Scouts Caravan, youth performers at children community centers

  • Hosen, Sderot, psycho social support

  • Tamar, Bedu'in psycho social support

  • Kissufim children, electronic gadgets for displaced children

  • Elem, staff survivors from Reim party, support

  • Havazelet, kitchen appliances for displaced families

  • Elem, youth treatment safe-center

  • Tel-Aviv, appartment furnishing for relocation of Nir Oz displaced families

  • Tarbut, group art therapy to displaced family centers

  • Hagal Sheli, youth focused water activity therapy

  • Olal, baby food supplies

See AID Projects.  100% of donations received are transferred, subject to U.S. and Israeli laws, to Israeli organizations that support and promote our vision and are true to our principles.   Other than fees charged by the banks, AID Coalition does not retain any amounts from the donations received. 

What Projects Have We Supported

  • Brothers & Sisters For Israel

  • Hostages & Missing Families

  • Hosen (Sderot; Eilat; Bedu'in)

  • Tzofim, Israel Scouts Caravan

  • Aid For Babies

  • Iron Lionesses

  • Saving Our Shared Home

  • FinHawk

  • Meir Medical Center

  • Bonot Alternative​

See Campaigns ​

Financial Platform Campaigns

AID Coalition will not support:

  • Political agendas

  • Calls for violence

  • Purchase of military grade equipment

What We Will Not Do

In Solidarity, We Provide Hope

Join us in a unified act of solidarity to support and uplift those affected by this tragic event. Together, we can provide a beacon of hope and tangible aid during these dark times

Your Contribution Can Make a Profound Impact

In the face of this unparalleled crisis, with an unprecedented number of victims, your support is more critical than ever.

Your generous donation today will directly impact the medical, psycho-social, and physical recovery of those affected by this horrific attack.

Immediate and Sustained Support Required

Victims are in dire need of immediate assistance and long-term rehabilitative support. Aid is crucial for their immediate wellbeing and ongoing recovery, and it is made possible only through the generosity of compassionate individuals around the world.

How Can You Help


Support us to help sustain at least another 75 years of Israel's independence.

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