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Funding Policy

  • America-Israel Democracy Coalition is dedicated to supporting those activities in Israel that are designed to educate, strengthen, and preserve the democratic foundations of the State of Israel.

  • The America-Israel Democracy Coalition is a U.S. not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, donations are tax-deductible accordingly (this statement is not to be construed as tax advice, and you should consult with your tax advisor).

  • The America-Israel Democracy Coalition will not transfer donations for the purpose of supporting a political agenda or that calls for violence.

  • The America-Israel Democracy Coalition transfers 100% of donations to organizations registered in Israel as not-for-profit and non-governmental organizations, minus a 3% management fee retained by the America-Israel Democracy Coalition is dedicated to support administrative expenses of the organization.

  • The America-Israel Democracy Coalition will transfer funds subject to U.S. and Israeli law, ensuring that such funds will not support any activities that would violate the rules and regulations applicable to The America-Israel Democracy Coalition as a tax-exempt organization in the United States or of the receiving organization as a tax-exempt organization in Israel.

  • Donors may designate a specific organization to transfer funds, provided the America-Israel Democracy Coalition has specifically identified such designated organization to be in compliance with the rules stated in this Funding Policy, and the designated organization has agreed to abide by such rules. To the extent that funds cannot be transferred to the Designated Organization, as might be determined by The America-Israel Democracy Coalition, at its sole discretion, The America-Israel Democracy Coalition reserves the right to transfer the funds to another organization provided such organization complies with the principles, and such transfer is subject to the rules, promulgated in this Funding Policy Statement.

  • Reports will be received and maintained by The America-Israel Democracy Coalition on the disbursement and use of funds disbursed under this Funding Policy.

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