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AID Coalition & New Deal

Partnering in Election For

World Zionist Congress

AID Coalition and New Deal have partnered together to bring the voice of the Israeli Movement For a Jewish, Democratic and Liberal Israel to the Jewish and Israeli communities in the United States, to the American Zionist Movement and to the upcoming election to the World Zionist Congress.  It is our goal to bear an impact upon the activities and funding of the World Zionist Organization and through them, upon Israeli national institutions and their influence in Israel.


The World Zionist movement was formed to create a homeland for Jews from around the world, a safe haven, free from fear and persecution.  Some 50 years thereafter, this vision, which took form as the State of Israel, was created on the basis of freedom, justice and peace, ensuring social and political equality for all its citizens.

Following recent events impacting the Jewish and Israeli community worldwide, there is a need to create a movement that seamlessly connects Israelis wherever they are.  Events of the last year have shown that when the butterfly flaps its wings in Israel, the tsunami is felt across Jewish and Israeli communities worldwide.

The Pro-Democratic Israel Movement

Over recent years, the neglect of the democratic foundations of the State of Israel has led to the erosion of the very vision of its founders.  This erosion of the social norms of the Israeli fabric were not limited to localized impact, but rather have exposed the Jewish and Israeli community world wide for attack – physical and verbal. 

Since January 2023, and with a brief respite during the early months of the Iron Swords War, the Pro-Democracy Movement has been mobilizing hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens each week to come to the streets, to restore, stabilize and strengthen the Jewish democratic and liberal foundations of the State.  Many Israeli expats have joined the movement, rallying worldwide.  For we all realize that a democratic Israel, which is currently at risk, is a stronger and more stable Israel, which will lead to stronger Jewish and Israeli expat communities wherever they may be.


World Zionist Congress

AID Coalition and New Deal are joining hands, together with the leading organizations in Israel for a Jewish, democratic liberal Israel, the voice of the camp that believes that a liberal democratic Israel is a strong Israel. 

We Will Work Together,

  • To make sure that education, infrastructure and cultural projects funded and managed by the  World Zionist Congress, and its many affiliates, will promote democratic and liberal fundamentals of the country;

  • To eliminate corruption and anti-democratic practices, that are undermining the fiber of Israeli society;

  • To encourage activities that connect communities within Israel with those around the world so as to humanize individuals across communities, and to foster cooperation and mutual benefit;

  • To democratize the Jewish and Israeli communities, and enhance mutual support and interdependency;

  • To operate with full transparency because we realize we are in a position of trust, it is not our money that we are managing.

Join Us!

Join us in this quest for change.  We need your help and support, as a delegate, as a local organizer, as an individual.  We need all the help we can get

Participating Organizations

Advisory Board

  • Eyal Nave, Achim LaNeshek (Brothers & Sisters in Arms)

  • Eitan Herzel, Achim LaNeshek (Brothers & Sisters in Arms)

  • Moran Zer Katzenstein, Bonot Alternativa

  • Gigi Levy-Weiss, Tech For Israel

  • Michal Tsur, Tech For Israel

  • Jonathan Barsade, AID Coalition

  • Tomer Mintz, New Deal

  • Batell Blaish Sultanik, AID Coalition

  • Hadas Rogolsky, New Deal

  • Ora Peled Nakash, Aid Coalition

  • Moshe Radman Abutbul, Protest Movement leader

  • Tali Reiner Brodetzki, Hope for Israel Alliance

Please sign up if you are willing to help

On June 25, 2025, will you be under the age of 35
In what way would you like to help?
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